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We are a manufacturer and distributor of farm animal feed, ready for domestic and international sale.

K-MUCH INDUSTRY CO., LTD. operates a ruminant feed and food ingredient production enterprise that uses agricultural produce such as pineapple, bagasse, and corn for domestic and international sale, along with import of animal feed from abroad for sale. Due to our care of the customer, the company has grown and gained customer base quickly. With 20 years of experience in the business, the company is more than ready to produce and sell feed and feed ingredients for ruminants with high effectiveness and ability to meet the customers’ needs.

Reputable product, quick service, high customer confidence On-time shipping, constant improvement.

100% organic product

chemical-free, made from agricultural produce.

Commercial delivery

Made to order

according to the needs and standards.

Ship within and outside the country

ready for domestic and foreign order.

Our Products

high-quality ruminant feed made from agricultural produce, Such as pineapple peel, bagasse, and corn. Chemical free, safe for animals.

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